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Parts of Biden’s Gaza Pier Are Reportedly Floating Away

U.S. Army via AP

When this editor first heard President Joe Biden was going to order the U.S. military to build a pier in Gaza, he thought it was a bad idea. But then we were assured that there would be no "boots on the ground" in Gaza: the $320 million temporary pier would be built by U.S. troops floating offshore. The finished project would be pushed into place and even more humanitarian aid for find its way into Hamas' possession.


As we've said, the Biden administration can get things done when it really wants to. The pier was to be built within two months, and just this week, aid started to be trucked in over the pier, where it was promptly stolen.

What's up with Biden's pier today? We don't know, but we're getting all sorts of news reports. According to AFP, four U.S. Army vessels have run aground near the pier. 

The best AFP can report is:

Meanwhile the US military said four of its vessels, supporting a temporary pier built to deliver aid to Gaza by sea, had run aground in heavy seas.

"No US personnel will enter Gaza. No injuries have been reported and the pier remains fully functional," a statement from US Central Command.

So four Army vessels have run aground "near" Gaza pier? That's sounding more and more like boots on the ground.

Speaking of heavy seas, some bad weather seems to have taken part of the pier apart.


Trey Yingst, foreign correspondent for Fox News, is on the ground and seems to give the best description of what we're seeing in the videos embedded above:

What's this? Troops got hurt, one critically? According to the New York Post, this happened just a couple days ago.


"Three US service members were injured, one critically, while working on the Army’s Gaza aid pier on Thursday," reports the Post

The controversial floating pier was announced by President Biden in March to facilitate humanitarian aid to millions in the Gaza strip during Israel’s ongoing military offensive in the enclave.

It’s estimated to cost about $320 million for its first 90 days after opening last Thursday and will be operated by about 1,000 US service members — who Biden assured would not enter Gaza itself.

But Biden really needs to shake off that "Genocide Joe" label if he wants those sweet Gen Z votes.

Here's President Biden just after the pier became operational:


We're hearing a lot of things, but we're going with Yingst, who's on the ground there and says a U.S. vessel and a piece of the floating pier are stuck on the beach.

In any case, it was a stupid idea to put U.S. troops in a warzone.


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