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KJP Says We're Talking About People Who Are 'LITERALLY Being Crushed' by Student Debt

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As Twitchy reported earlier, President Joe Biden "canceled" another 160,000 student loans; that is, he passed the debt on to taxpayers who either didn't go to college or already paid off their student debt. Biden was just bragging again about how he didn't let the Supreme Court's decision that he had no authority to do so stop him. Even Nancy Pelosi said he didn't have the authority.


According to the Associated Press, Biden has so far "forgiven" $167 billion in student debt, with $7.7 billion of that being announced Wednesday. Someone ran the numbers and concluded that works out to more than $48,000 in debt cancelation per person.

A reporter finally asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre what the rest of us have been asking. While Biden tries to buy votes by making people's debt "disappear," what message does that send to those who didn't go to college or take out student loans? Jean-Pierre served up some word salad about Biden making an economy that works for everyone.

That was our first question. If Bidenomics is such a success and employment is at record levels, why are all of these college graduates not paying back what they borrowed? Did that gender studies degree prove to be worthless?

Credit to NBC News' Peter Alexander for asking why the government isn't just writing checks. But you have to understand. These people — who willfully signed the loan agreement with the promise to pay it back — are being LITERALLY crushed.


A lot of people are being crushed under Bideonomics. Why just college graduates?

Apparently, canceling student debt is Biden's plan to build the economy.


Or they've just been paying the minimum payment for their entire careers.


Won't someone think of the college graduates? If this is a vote-buying scheme (which it is), it's going to backfire. There are a lot of people who didn't take out loans or worked to pay them off who are not happy about this.



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