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Bill Maher Tells Megyn Kelly That Hillary Clinton Is Not an Election Denier

Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File

Bill Maher is everywhere lately. He was just on "Gutfeld," where he went off on Donald Trump, he was on "The View," where he was shamed for criticizing the "cadaver-like" Joe Biden. Maher has come across as pretty based recently, but you know he's still a liberal and he's still going to vote for that walking cadaver. On Megyn Kelly's show, Maher got shut down a couple of times; first by denying Kelly's claim that Hillary Clinton is an election denier.


BM: "She didn't say he was 'an [illegitimate president']"

MK: "She said those exact words."

*Smash cut to Hillary Clinton, saying those exact words*

Bill still spreads Hillary's Russian Collusion hoax, which was her revisionist history of the 2016 election. Just another Bill in Hillary's life that helps her cover for her lies.

"Smash cut to Hillary Clinton saying those exact words."

She insists to this day that her election was "stolen."

So that's why he's everywhere.


Speaking of acknowledging the fact, Mahr, much like President Joe Biden, seems to believe several Capitol Pollice officers were killed on January 6. The actual number is zero.

*Smash cut to a news report saying Brian Sicknick died of natural causes*

The media loudly lies and quietly retracts. The same media that labeled riots as "mostly peaceful". 

Make no mistake: Bill's argument did not die of natural causes, Megyn killed it.

We disagree with Maher on a lot, but we've always considered him relatively intelligent. But to not know that no one was killed on January 6 except Ashli Babbitt is just unforgivable.


There's no excuse not to know this, but as we said, even the president believes multiple officers were killed that day.

He's really wrong on this one. We don't know how many books he sold after this appearance.


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