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Volodymyr Zelenskyy tells UN that some evil state will weaponize the outcomes of climate change

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

This editor hopes the headline he just wrote is correct. From this clip, it's difficult to tell at what point Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy switches gears from climate change to the war with Russia. We've already heard that the war in Ukraine is bad for climate change. Now Zelenskyy is scolding the United Nations for failing on its climate policy objectives. Earlier this month, Secretary of State Antony Blinken flew to Ukraine to meet with Zelenskyy and let him know that Americans would "invest" $520 million to make Ukraine's energy infrastructure "cleaner." Was that not enough?


What is this?

It makes even less sense when written out:

Zelenskyy: “Even though humanity is failing on its climate policy objectives, this means that extreme weather will still impact the normal global life & some evil state will also weaponize its outcomes. 

"And when people in the streets of New York & other cities of the world went out on climate protest, we all have seen them, & when people in Morocco & Libya, & other countries die as a result of natural disasters, & when islands & countries disappear underwater, & when tornadoes & deserts are spreading into — into new territories, & when all of this is happening, one, a natural disaster in Moscow, decided to launch a big war & killed tens of thousands of people. We have to stop it. 

"We must act, united to defeat the aggressor & focus all our capabilities and energy on addressing these challenges. As nukes are restrained, likewise, the aggressor must be restrained at all his tools and methods of the war. Each word now can become final, but it takes our unity to make sure that aggression will not break in again. And it is not a dialogue between the so-called great power somewhere behind closed doors that can guarantee us all the new wars era but open war of all nations for peace.”


First, which islands and countries have disappeared underwater? According to Al Gore, most of the eastern seaboard was supposed to be underwater years ago, but we haven't heard of any countries disappearing.

We're suddenly OK giving this guy another billion-dollar aid package.


This editor still doesn't get the connection between climate change and Russia's invasion, aside from the fact that both demand billions and billions of dollars to "solve." Is there even a single person at the UN who thought to themselves, "Which countries have disappeared?" And tornadoes are appearing in places they haven't before? What? Where?


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