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LGBTQ allies sad that all-Muslim council banned display of Pride flags


It was right in the middle of June — better known now as Pride Month — that the Hamtramck, Michigan city council voted to ban the display of the Pride flag on public property. The city council is all Muslim, which was celebrated until the flag decision. A lesbian clown — yes, an actual clown with a red nose — showed up at a council meeting to protest, to no avail.


It's mid-September now, and the Washington Post for some reason has decided to revisit the story, noting that allies and members of the LGBTQ community feel betrayed after being so accepting of Muslims in "their" city.

Cheer up … the president flew a Pride flag on the White House and invited trans women to flash their fake boobs at a Pride celebration on the lawn.


They just assumed everyone would reject the straight white male Christian Republicans' views, seeing as they're anti-LBGTQ and anti-Muslim. A shared enemy, right?


This story is old and Pride Month is over, so why is WaPo doing a sob story on the flag ban now? They must be desperate for pro-LGBTQ material.


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