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CNN's Jake Tapper tries again to get someone to admit Elon Musk is a traitor

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File

As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN's Jake Tapper tried to get Secretary of State Antony Blinken to ensure that "capricious billionaire" Elon Musk felt "repercussions" for thwarting a Ukrainian drone attack on Russian ships by turning off Starlink, which he's providing for free to give the Ukrainian people internet access. "How did this become my war?" Musk asked biographer Walter Isaacson.


A day later, Tapper was still on the story and wanted GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley to agree that Musk was a traitor. It's now Tuesday and it's a trending topic:

Musk made his position pretty clear on Monday:


Does Tapper want to send American troops into Russia to fight? Or is he just having a hissy fit over Musk not doing what he wanted?


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