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Bloomberg reporter wants to know if everyone is ready to take climate change seriously now

The best climate change takes this editor remembers come from Beyoncé and Amy Siskind, who both drew a link between earthquakes and climate change. Mother Jones still contended that Beyoncé knew more about science than the entire GOP.


Apparently Bloomberg put out a TikTok video Tuesday about the smoke from the Canadian wildfires that matters greatly because it’s happening in New York City, where all the media are based, and not, say, East Palestine where no one cares. That video got a lot of “climate deniers” in the replies, and whoever this guy is from Bloomberg is so butthurt he had to put out a video doubling down on the link between climate change and wildfires.

He even went out on the street to show you how smokey it is (although it looks pretty clear in the video).


There’s some truth to that. All the climate change alarmists must think that the global climate should be measured by human comfort. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too dry, it’s too wet. So, scientifically speaking, if we all bought electric cars then the earth would revert to its “right” temperature.



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