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MSNBC reports that rampant child sexual abuse is happening in churches, not at drag shows

There was a debate among conservatives during the battle over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act over whether it was productive to call opponents of the legislation “groomers.” Twitter 1.0 even banned the G-word for a bit. The thing is, it was effective. It stuck. It hit a nerve. Christina Pushaw even put together a mosaic of all the stories about “groomer” accusations:


Some liberals hit back and said that Christian families were the real groomers, raising their young children to be religious like they are, without the children’s consent. We did a post on a blue-check who pushed back on the “groomer” tag by reminding us that most child sexual abuse takes place at home or in the church.

“Will conservatives call for a ban on minors in churches?” asks Ja’han Jones, who ghostwrites Joy Reid’s “ReidOut” blog for her.

By comparison, there have been no credible reports, to my knowledge, of child sexual abuse at drag shows. And, of course, I’m only making the comparison here because many conservatives — including religious leaders in the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention — falsely equate drag shows or LGBTQ people with sexual perversion. In response, Republican lawmakers are pushing measures that bar minors from attending drag shows.

Will there now be a widespread push to bar children from churches given the thousands of reported sexual abuse incidents nationwide? Don’t bet on it.

The numbers don’t lie: America’s children seem at far more risk in some places of worship than they would be at a drag show.

We don’t have MSNBC’s fleet of reporters, but we do know that a drag queen who took part in Drag Queen Story Hours for children was sentenced to a year in jail in Oregon for 11 child sexual abuse charges. And hateful bigots got Drag Queen Story Hour canceled as the Houston Public Library after they found out one of the readers had sexually assaulted an 8-year-old child.


We have more posts like that one, but the thing is, conservatives can do two things at once: condemn all child sexual abuse and seek to root it out wherever it appears (even in church) and want to protect children from adult-only sexually themed entertainment.

Now punishable by death in Florida!


Having the “Lavender Mafia” take over the seminaries a few decades ago didn’t help matters.

And we are doing something about both. Something gives us the sneaking suspicion that MSNBC feels less pain about children abused in the church than they did excitement at knowing they could use the church for their whataboutism.


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