We had quite the discussion this week about the term “groomer,” which the Right is using to push back on opponents of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law. We saw people like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes call it “truly despicable ‘pro-pedophile’ slander” and New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait, who claimed that “everybody who disagrees with the GOP is a ‘groomer’ now.” We also saw a lot of people on the Right — some of whom we respect, and some who are named David French — argue that it’s a cultural issue that the Right can win easily without resorting to smears and cheapening the argument. What do we think? We think it’s working — look at how many left-wing publications (that we know of) wrote about it all on the same day:

CNN, the Washington Post (twice), The Dispatch, MSNBC, New York Magazine, VICE News, Yahoo News … and that leaves out heavy hitters like The Atlantic (“That’s Not What Grooming Means”) and the New York Times (“Republicans’ Fresh Fixation on Vintage Homophobia”).

That “vintage homophobia” angle is a clever one, but it depends on how one defends “groomer.” We’ve seen this meme going around and it’s the definition we’re going with:

One blue-check is fighting back against the “groomer” smear by reminding us that most child sexual abuse happens in the family and in church.


We were talking about Black Lives Matter earlier, and among the elements of its mission statement was to “disrupt” the nuclear family.

We’re still waiting on an argument for teaching sexual orientation and gender identity to kindergarteners other than if you don’t they’ll grow up to carry out mass shootings at gay nightclubs like jihadist Omar Mateen.


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