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'Stillborn' baby found in port-a-potty at San Francisco 'safe sleeping site'

You’ll notice we put “stillborn” in quotation marks in our headline because we’re not sure if a medical examiner determined that the baby was not born alive or if it’s just simpler to say stillborn. Here we are again in San Francisco, at one of the city’s “safe sleeping sites” run by the nonprofit Urban Alchemy. Instead of living in a tent on a sidewalk, you can live in a tent at a safe sleeping site — how humane.


And California Gov. Gavin Newsom, with his eye on the presidency, is taking cheap shots at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Hey Newsom, fix this.

David Sjostedt reports:

The safe sleeping sites were opened after UC Hastings sued the city for deteriorating street conditions at the onset of the pandemic. The stillborn baby was found at a site that was located in a rotunda in front of San Francisco City Hall.

The site closed in June 2022 after operating for a little over two years.

The operator of the site, the nonprofit Urban Alchemy, has since moved on to open a homeless shelter in Lower Nob Hill and was recently granted a contract by the city to perform homeless outreach. The organization holds $62 million in contracts in San Francisco while also providing homeless services in a half-dozen cities.

Kirkpatrick Tyler, head of government and community affairs for Urban Alchemy, said it did not house pregnant women at the site as a policy but that staff was unaware of the pregnancy. The organization conducted a review of its policies in response to the incident, Tyler said.


What happened to San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s $6.5 million plan to end trans homelessness by 2027? How’s that going?


These are the compassionate ones who claim that conservatives only care about babies up to the moment they’re born.


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