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LA Times: The goal of court challenges to affirmative action is white supremacy

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden signed a huge stack of executive orders reversing orders by the Trump administration. A couple of weeks later, though, the Biden administration very quietly dropped a federal lawsuit against Yale for discriminating against white and Asian applicants. It didn’t get much attention at the time, but it showed where the Biden administration stood on affirmative action.


In an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, Jean Guerrero argues that the outcome of court challenges to affirmative action isn’t to do away with discrimination but rather to spread white supremacy. Guerrero is shocked that the right-wing propaganda machine has led “73% of Americans, including most people of color, [to] believe race or ethnicity should not be a factor in college admissions.”

Oh, and to kick things off, if you haven’t heard, claiming you’re “colorblind” is a sign of toxic whiteness.

Guerrero writes:

The Republican activists leading a decades-long assault on affirmative action, which is poised to succeed in the Supreme Court, claim they want to eliminate racism and create a colorblind society.

But those same activists who’ve stoked the flames of antagonism toward affirmative action have close ties to the architects of this country’s metastasizing white nationalist movement. These links reveal the activists’ ultimate agenda, which has nothing to do with ending racism.

As Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson noted, a hypothetical Black applicant writing about his family’s historical lack of access to the university due to slavery could not have his background valued in admissions, while a hypothetical white applicant writing about his family’s long history of attending the university could. That would end up violating the equal protection clause that the plaintiffs claim to respect.



As we reported last year, the University of Maryland tried to make its incoming freshman class seem more diverse by splitting it into “white and Asians” and “students of color, minus Asian.”



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