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Storyteller in Chief Joe Biden seems to have spun another yarn at Fetterman rally

This has been a good day for Twitchy. Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman ditched the hoodie and gym shorts and put on a suit to greet President Joe Biden, who was in Pittsburgh Thursday to campaign for him. Biden did all of the talking, and Fetterman’s wife, Gisele, who’ll make a great, great lady in the Senate, was on duty to turn away any reporters who tried to ask her husband questions during their celebration.


But that’s not all!

It was just a week ago that the New York Times did a piece on how “Storyteller in Chief” Biden spins yarns that often unravel. Other people might call him a pathological liar, but Biden’s just trying to be folksy and relatable. You lost your home in a hurricane? His burned down with Jill inside.

RNC Research seems to think it’s caught Biden spinning another one of those yarns that have already been debunked.



“I’m not joking” and “You think I’m kidding” are good signs Biden’s about to make something up.



Some people are posting an article about Ambrose Finnegan from the Santa Clara Magazine … that says nothing at all about him being an All-American, so we’re not sure why they’re bothering.


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