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Bulwark: Gov. Glenn Youngkin believes in parents' rights, but only if those parents are straight Republican Fox News watchers

You know how the Left is always accusing conservatives of “weaponizing” things? We saw starting last fall that the Left was going to start weaponizing the burgeoning movement for parents’ rights. Last November, Fox News’ Juan Williams claimed that parents’ rights was just “code” for “white race politics.” We were assured that parents’ rights was “a centerpiece of a GOP that is increasingly hostile to public education AND democracy.” While addressing Virginia’s General Assembly this January, Gov. Glenn Youngkin said that “we will protect and reassert” the right of parents “to make decisions with regard to your child’s upbringing, education, and care.” Every Democrat sat silently while the Republicans applauded. So, yeah, “parents’ rights” is a bad thing.


And along comes The Bulwark with a new essay claiming that Youngkin believes in parents’ rights, but only for the “right” kind of parents.

Ansley Skipper writes:

Youngkin’s proposal is just the latest example of a Republican culture war that preaches “parents’ rights” for some, but not for all.

From Alabama to Oklahoma to Tennessee, Republican-controlled states are enacting laws that restrict transgender students from using bathrooms which align with their gender identity. In even more states, trans students are banned from playing on sports teams that match their identity. It doesn’t matter what a trans student’s parents want. (It doesn’t even matter whether or not there are any trans athletes trying to join school sports teams.)

Even more extreme are efforts to ban or criminalize gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth. In such instances, parents can’t seek certain types of medical care for their transgender children because the state has already decided for them.


We don’t see the “straight Republican Fox News watchers” line in the piece, so that must have come from The Bulwark’s Tim Miller.


Don’t tell us you’re one of those parents who makes a big deal out of the school “transitioning” your child without even telling you.



Look, a direct link to the Department of Education’s policy.


So we’re supposed to conserve conservatism by making schools the nurturing safe space for trans kids and assume parents are the enemy who won’t properly affirm their child’s new gender.


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