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Dr. Jill Biden says 'we have done so much' in interview, wishes people could see how hard Joe is working

Whenever we see first lady Dr. Jill Biden in a magazine (or on the cover of a magazine, like Vogue), we think back to when we had an actual model as the first lady who was frozen out of the press, unless it was something important, like the red Christmas trees she put up in the White House or which shoes she chose to wear to survey hurricane damage in Texas. Biden, fittingly, was interviewed by a magazine called Real Simple, and said she wished the American public could see just how hard her husband is working.


Well, there’s one person who says Joe’s doing a great job, even though he has an approval rating of 38.9 percent.

The New York Post reports:

“Sometimes it feels like we’re pushing this boulder up the hill, but progress is being made,” Jill Biden told Real Simple magazine in an interview published Tuesday.

“I don’t want to sound like a political ad, but we have done so much. Gas prices are a huge issue, and Joe is, every single day, on the phone talking to leaders about gas and oil. These problems are coming so fast and furious, and certainly a lot of it is dark.

“But I wish people could see more of what Joe has accomplished and how hard he’s working.”

Joe even worked while isolated with COVID-19 while his predecessor was hospitalized.


He did, and his doctor said he even “showed me his plate!”


“It’s a tough time in history. And Joe and I see that,” Jill conceded in the interview. They see it, they just refuse to admit it’s happening.


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