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Reporter who broke story about 10-year-old's abortion notes that restricting abortion may mean more children in poverty

We can’t find a tweet from the Indianapolis Star linking to its story about the 10-year-old who had to cross state lines to have an abortion because she was six weeks and three days pregnant. President Joe Biden repeated the story this week, but Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler couldn’t confirm that it was true. And as Twitchy reported earlier, the piece relied on a single source: an activist abortionist. Where are the police records? Did the abortionist refer the child to the authorities to investigate? Anything?


One of the reporters responsible for the story that went viral is Shari Rudavsky, who co-wrote it with Rachel Fradette for the Indianapolis Star. That was on July 1; just a few days later, Rudavsky was promoting a story about abortion bans meaning more children born into poverty … and it was co-written by Rachel Fradette.

Remember when CBS News had an “abortion access” reporter who went full-on abortion activist once she left the network. Guess what? Her views on abortion were never a secret.


You think?

Any updates on that other story that went viral, as long as we have your attention?


But we’ve moved on to another talking point in favor of abortion. Gotta root out those weeds, you know.


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