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Climate activist tells MSNBC Supreme Court's EPA ruling is 'a judicial coup' and 'a clear descent into fascism'

When the Left sends out its talking points memo, it sends it to everyone. We’ve already heard Rep. Rashida Tlaib call the Supreme Court “fascist” for expecting Congress to do its job and pass actual laws limiting carbon emissions rather than leaving it up to an elected federal bureaucratic agency.


We wanted to do a post on this clip because it just goes to show who, along with Greta Thunberg, is leading the climate change charge. Here we have Jamie Margolin, founder of Zero Hour, telling Peacock’s Zerlina Maxwell how the Supreme Court’s EPA decision was “a clear descent into fascism.” Also, these pro-life people have blood on their hands.

You grew up learning a lot? Let’s start with that assumption.



She’s a very important person. She founded Zero Hour.

We’ll note that MSNBC makes no effort to disguise the fact that they invite activists, not experts, as their guests.


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