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Terrorist organization Jane's Revenge declares 'open season' on 'anti-choice' groups; 'The leash is off'

It takes a lot for the firebombing of a crisis pregnancy center to make the news, but when there are dozens of them, it eventually works its way to the White House. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitted on Monday that “we have seen an uptick of that type of arson” and that the Department of Justice is looking into it.


If you thought Ruth Sent Us was garbage, check out Jane’s Revenge, which took credit for the May 2022 firebombing of a pregnancy center in Madison, Wisconsin. More recently, the group claimed credit for vandalizing a Des Moines, Iowa, pregnancy resource center earlier this month, breaking windows and spray-painting “God loves abortions” on the walls.

Caroline Downey has the latest statement from Jane’s Revenge, and people have really got to stop calling this terrorist organization an “abortion-rights group.”

“From here forward, any anti-choice group who closes their doors, and stops operating will no longer be a target. But until you do, it’s open season, and we know where your operations are,” they write. And allies who doubt their sincerity are urged to “Go do one of your own. You are already one of us. Everyone with the urge to paint, to burn, to cut, to jam: now is the time. Go forth and manifest the things you wish to see.”



We know the White House knows about the rash of firebombings from Monday’s press briefing. Now what will the Justice Department do about it? This is actual domestic terrorism.


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