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Rachel Bitecofer has the perfect response to anything a Republican tries to hit you with

Rachel Bitecofer hung with The Lincoln Project for a while, so we’re not sure if she’s a principled conservative™ who had no choice but to change sides or if she’s always been a Democrat. We know how she felt about the January 6 select committee’s prime-time hearing: it was proof that “a Republican president sent an armed militia to seize control of Congress.” What were they armed with again?


In any case, Bitecofer has landed on the perfect response to anything a Republican might hit you with:

Gas is over $5 a gallon nationally … “but you tried to end American democracy.”

I have to drive across three state lines to find baby formula … “but you tried to end American democracy.”

Inflation is at its highest level since 1981 … “but you tried to end American democracy.”



Democrats should definitely run on nothing but January 6 — ignore everything else. How about all of the Democrats who objected to certifying the electoral votes for Donald Trump — some of whom now serve on the January 6 committee? Were they trying to end American democracy?


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