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TIME: America needs to end its love affair with single-family homes

If you were luck enough to catch the Smithsonian Museum’s exhibit on “whiteness and white culture,” you’d know that two things that are associated with whiteness are the nuclear family and the single-family home. It’s one of the reasons Black Lives Matter put “disrupting the nuclear family” in its mission statement. White people do this thing where they get married, have children, and move to the suburbs. We’ve been assured that single-family homes, and front lawns, are racist:


TIME magazine is now telling us that America has to get over its love affair with single-family houses, but it’s a tough sell:


Alana Semuels reports from Steamboat Springs, Colorado:

The families committed to staying are crowding into housing as they wait for a solution. About one-quarter of all children now live in “doubled-up” households, where a nuclear family lives with additional family members. In places like Steamboat, doubled-up households are often in the smallest homes, which are trailers in the town’s handful of trailer parks. In doubled-up households, the use of drugs and alcohol rises, as does domestic violence, because the situation is so stressful, says Irene Avitia, who works with families at Integrated Communities, a Steamboat nonprofit that works with the Latino community.



They want your SUV, they want your truck, they want your house.




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