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Press secretary says that President Biden doesn't believe in hardening schools

After the Uvalde school shooting, Sen. Ted Cruz became the object of liberal ridicule for suggesting that schools have a single point of entry. Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty couldn’t comprehend such a thing: “Wouldn’t building schools with only one door create other problems? Like making it harder for kids to get out if, say, there is a fire?” Apparently, she’d never heard of fire exits. And now we know that the shooter made his way into the school through a door that had been propped open by a teacher.


The Left continually proves it’s not serious about school safety by insisting the only thing that can be done is to confiscate AR-15s and ridiculing all other options — they don’t want schools to look like prisons, after all.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about hardening schools in the wake of Uvalde, but she said that President Joe Biden doesn’t believe in that.

He has a fence and snipers on his roof.


Republican senators like John Cornyn are supposedly working with Democrats to “negotiate” a solution, but for Democrats, there’s only one solution. Ask them if they’d consider schools having a single point of entry and they fall back on the line, “the GOP wants schools to look like prisons.” And they call their solutions “commonsense.”



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