Texas Department of Safety Director Steven McGraw just gave an update on the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.


==> Salvador Ramos reportedly entered through a door “propped open” by a teacher and a School Resource Officer drove by Ramos after the 911 call but didn’t see him because he was kneeling beside the crashed vehicle:

Watch for yourself:

==> Ramos reportedly fired “at least 100 rounds” inside the school:

==> We don’t know why the SRO was not on campus before the shooting:

==> The Border Patrol Tactical Unit arrived at the scene at 12:15:

==> Director McGraw also admitted it was a mistake to declare the shooter a “barricaded subject” and not an “active shooter”:

==> 19 officers on the scene when they made the “barricaded subject” declaration:

==> Directo McGraw blamed the on-site commander for the mistake:

==> The on-site commander thought this meant he had time to get the key to the door:

==> Cops made no effort to breach the door:

==> Director McGraw: “Of course, it was the wrong decision”:

==> There was also a social media post where Ramos denied he was about to shoot up a school:

==> The New York Times reported earlier that the BORTAC team was “told to hold back and not go in by local police”: