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Karine Jean-Pierre says inflation isn't a crisis, 'We're just in a difficult time'

It looks like somebody at the White House finally got a clue and decided the Biden administration had better address what really concerns Americans, and that’s inflation. President Joe Biden has put out a piece in which he claims pushing for more green energy and raising taxes will bring down inflation, which is at a 40-year-high. Biden economic advisor Brian Deese was trotted out to the press to address the “transitory” inflation the White House told us not to worry about a year ago and claimed that we’re in an “uncertain and unexpected recovery period.”


The press asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about inflation as well Tuesday, wondering if Biden considers the current record inflation a crisis for American families. Jean-Pierre reassured Americans that it’s not a crisis, but rather “we’re just in a difficult time.”


We guess we’re back to painting Biden as an empathetic uniter … he personally understands that people are struggling to afford both gas and food. We’re sure he has some story from back when he was in Scranton when he was in this situation.


Nah, he’ll pull up some story from when he was 7. “Joey,” my dad said to me …

He feels your pain.



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