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Yale Law School students angry that their 'private' posts about 'unrelenting daily confrontation' with conservatives classmates are being used

Here are a few tweets for the good folks at @BadLegalTakes. We’re always amazed by what we see on Twitter coming from law school students (not to mention journalism professors). The Washington Free Beacon’s Aaron Sibarium did a piece on Yale Law School students calling for “unrelenting daily confrontation” with their conservative classmates of the leaked Roe v. Wade draft decision. (And by the way, how do we not know the name of the leaker yet? It’s a remarkably small pool of candidates.)


This is like when people get upset with us for using their tweets and quoting them exactly.

“Christo-fascist political takeover.”


Attn: @BadLegalTakes.


And they’ll be the Supreme Court law clerks of tomorrow.



No, they want to make sweet love to the leaker (and then joyfully abort the fetus).




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