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As Twitchy reported earlier, you won’t be hearing chants of “safe, legal, and rare” anymore; now it’s “safe, legal, and accessible.” The Pro-Choice Caucus has put out new talking points that ironically instruct pro-abortion advocates to stop using the word “choice,” and use “decision” instead. The list of harmful language vs. helpful language doesn’t explain why the Pro-Choice Caucus has decided to stop using the word “choice,” Drew Heineman found some guidance on the website of the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts. “Choice” assumes that everyone has the choice to get an abortion even if it’s legal — what about black women and other birthing people of color who face racist and classist policies “that keep them from the care they need.”


“Choice” ignores the lived realities of black people and people of color.


It’s intersectionality — these people have been indoctrinated by universities to see everything in terms of victimhood and who is the biggest victim … so women suffer more than men, but black women suffer more than white women, and black trans women suffer even more. You need to rack up as many victimization points as possible to win the game.



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