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County's 2022 PrideFest will include a 'Kiddie Korner' with 'drag kids dress up' (and affirming books)

As Twitchy noted Wednesday, the rending of garments over the “far-right” using the homophobic slur “groomer” has begun again, with outlets like NPR and PolitiFact getting in on the act. We’d thought the controversy had died out, but for some reason, liberals want to dredge it up again, seeing as it worked so well for them in Florida. In fact, holier-than-thou Matthew Dowd recently tweeted that if Jesus Christ were alive today, he would be called a groomer by conservatives.


Anti-critical race theory warrior Christopher Rufo has recently been smeared as homophobic for some of his recent posts and that critical queer theory is his latest grift, but we’re thankful for the updates. As we recently reported, Discovery+ is launching a new show that will follow five teen drag queens on their drag journey. Drag is fine for the clubs, but we’re seeing more and more posts of it showing up in school assemblies.

Rufo points to the Lake County PrideFest celebration in Illinois, which will feature a “Kiddie Korner” featuring Drag Queen Story Time and Drag Kids Dess-Up.

“In a time when we are watching our human rights get rolled back at an unprecedented rate, it is vitally important that we counteract hatred with LOVE,” said LGBTQ+ Center Lake County Executive Director, Nikki Michele. “Providing this safe and inclusive space for our LGBTQ+ family to celebrate our joy is more important than ever before.”


Um, we went to the event’s website and clicked on the flyer … it says Drag Kids Dress-Up. We even grabbed our header image off the website.


This reminds us of the poor woman in NPR’s “news” report on how a woman’s heart sank when she was accused of “wanting to sexualize kindergartners.” No one’s doing that, right?


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