Hey, everyone, it’s your weekend editor here with another tip from the essential Libs of TikTok account. A lot of people accused ABC’s “Good Morning America” of child abuse when it featured an 11-year-old drag queen back in 2018, but we’re so old, we remember back in 2017 when ELLE Magazine did a video feature on an 8-year-old drag queen who went by the stage name of Lactacia. “He won’t let other people stop him from doing what makes him feel accepted,” ELLE wrote, and his mom was more than a little encouraging — she really seemed to like the attention (we didn’t see dad).

We missed it in 2019, but there was allegedly a feature film called “Drag Kids” which followed the lives of four 9-year-old drag queens. Maybe the craze of pre-teen drag queens had fizzled out by then?

Don’t count on it. Libs of TikTok notes that Discovery+ is coming out with a new show, “Generation Drag,” which documents the lives of five teen drag queens on their drag journey.

Seriously, we have no problem with drag as adult entertainment. We’re not fans of Drag Queen Story Time at the library, though, but we’re at the very least glad to see Discovery+ has stuck with teenagers and not pre-teens.

Well said.


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