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Texas Democrat Gene Wu urges Republicans to push for school vouchers as hard as they can

Remember last summer when a bunch of Democratic Texas state representatives fled the state for Washington, D.C. in order to prevent the legislature from voting on election reforms that they knew they couldn’t win? And when 22 of the runaway Democrats filed a lawsuit alleging “anxiety and distress over the separation from their families”? Out of that bunch, Rep. Gene Wu sort of made a name for himself as a Twitter celebrity, starting off by posting photos of his “first meal as a fugitive”, a salad in a styrofoam container.


We’d kind of forgotten about Wu, but he thinks he’s on to a winner here: He wants Republicans to push as hard as they can for school vouchers.

Enough, we’re convinced.


Every single time.


For once we think we’ll take Wu’s advice. Democrats can side with the teachers’ unions that kept schools closed for two years.


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