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Reuters reporter notes that the March for Life has protested in front of the Supreme Court for decades

Here’s a tweet that caught our eye this morning, although it’s since been deleted. As we’ve reported, Jen Psaki made what’s sure to be a much-quoted soundbite during Tuesday’s press briefing when asked about the protests outside of Supreme Court justice’s homes. She noted the protests have been peaceful and “we certainly continue to encourage that outside of judges’ homes.” Hold on: Does the Biden administration encourage mostly peaceful protests outside justices’ homes, or did she mean, “with the exception of judges’ homes” we encourage peaceful protests? It’s pretty obviously the former.


Principled conservatives like Bill Kristol and Democrats like Paul Begala got raked over the coals Monday for suggesting that protesting outside of people’s homes is a bad move and “politically counterproductive.”

As we were saying though, Reuters reporter Lawrence Hurley, who covers the Supreme Court, made the point Tuesday that the anti-abortion March for Life ends with a protest in front of the Supreme Court every year, including this year:

The point being?

As we said, that tweet was deleted.

We can’t tell for sure which thread he was replying to, but it was from this person, who had thoughts on putting pressure on the Court:


Why not endorse the protests in front of the justices’ homes? Even the White House seems to encourage it.


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