We just did a post on Amy Siskind telling Paul Begala as a white man to shut up, listen to women, and amplify their voices, period. That’s sort of a strange thing to say when it was a bunch of white men who decided Roe v. Wade, but Begala’s crime to was to tell people not to protest in front of Supreme Court justice’s homes, if only because it’s “politically counterproductive” for Democrats.

Another white man who is criticizing the mob in front of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home is Bill Kristol, who says to “organize politically” but “be civil civically.”

Kristol got ratio’d for that. We’ve never heard of cartoonist Jon Rosenberg, but he most definitely did not agree with Kristol.

Now that’s what the Left wants to hear.

Killing “unwanted” babies is really, really important to these people. When are liberal women going to follow through with that threatened sex strike so we can reduce so many unplanned pregnancies?