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Paul Begala informed his role as a white man is to shut up and amplify women, period

We’ve been around long enough to remember the times when men would announce that they wouldn’t be tweeting for a whole day, and instead, be retweeting only women (whatever those are). Steve Marmel decided to start a campaign to only retweet women on the day that Hillary Clinton’s memoir, “What Happened,” was released. “The effort to silence female voices on Twitter is relentless. So on 9/12 I’m going to #JustListen and #AmplifyWomen,” he tweeted.


Here was another attempt:

Are you assuming their gender? Not cool, bro.

Democratic campaign strategist Paul Begala saw footage of protesters outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home and did what the White House wouldn’t: denounce it, if only becaue it was “politically counterproductive.”

Amy Siskind reminded Begala that as a white man, his role was to listen to and amplify women, nothing more.

White man John Harwood got tagged in there too.


Well said.


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