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The White House won't say whether it condemns or welcomes the leak of the Roe v. Wade draft

Sen. Mike Lee, who was a guest on Fox News Wednesday, was once a Supreme Court clerk, and he explained just how many protocols would have to have been violated for that leak of the Roe v. Wade decision draft to have left the building.


From Fox News:

After use, the printed copy of the draft opinion must then be turned into slurry, using a specific set of actions, Sen. Lee said:

“When they’re finished with them, they don’t just throw them in the waste basket – they put them in a burn-bag.

“They take the burn-bag and they shred it twice, vertically and horizontally, creating confetti.

“Then, after they shred it, they burn it and turn into slurry – all before it leaves the custody of the Supreme Court. So, these had all been violated, or overlooked, circumvented, perhaps deliberately, in order to release this. That’s unfortunate.”

In other words, a lot of rules had to be broken for someone to have leaked this draft, and they must have had their reasons.

Asked about the leak Wednesday, Jen Psaki wouldn’t say whether the White House condemned the leak or if it welcomed it.



A very limited number of people had access to this document, but a lot of people who welcome its release maintain there was no crime committed to investigate, so it is what it is. It would seem pretty easy to condemn, though … norms and all.

The White House doesn’t want to get “distracted” by the leak and keep its attention on the risk of women losing their “health care.”



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