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People are mad at Christopher Rufo for exposing child sex predators in public schools

This is a weird week. As you are certainly well aware from Tuesday, the Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz published an article exposing the woman behind the Libs of Tik Tok account, who “boasts that several teachers have been fired as a result of being featured on the account.” Like this assistant professor who went on TikTok to talk about MAPs — minor-attracted persons. There have been pieces in Salon, Slate, USA Today, the New York Times, and the BBC about how not all MAPs are pedophiles; being attracted to children is just another sexual orientation you’re born with, but if you don’t act out on it, you’re not a pedophile.


As far as we know, this professor from SUNY Fredonia still has his gig:

As we’ve said, it’s been a weird week. Anti-critical race theory Christopher Rufo isn’t a fan of child sex predators either, but boy did he get ratio’d for this tweet Wednesday:

What’s weird is that people are less upset about these teachers being arrested for inappropriate sexual behavior with students than they are with Rufo for only posting public school teachers. What about priests? What about Catholic schools?

We saved this exchange Rufo had with Andrew Sullivan about a week ago because we thought it might come up:


Sullivan’s usually a lot more reasonable than that. But again, notice the outrage is at Rufo for pointing it out.


So, whose side are you taking in this one? Rufo, for pointing out the problem? Or Sullivan, for pointing out that Rufo’s just trying to advance a political campaign?

As we said above, Rufo’s getting ratio’d for pointing out the problem in public schools. The outrage is directed at him of all people:


Good to see so much concern for the kids. And adopting a curriculum where kindergarten teachers are supposed to teach about sexual orientation and gender identity will fix this problem for sure.

Libs of Tik Tok has done us all a favor.


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