Over the years, we’ve covered some pretty deranged and demented things.

This may very well top them all.

Meet SUNY Fredonia philosophy Prof. Stephen Kershnar:

Vile, disgusting stuff to be sure, but it’s got nothing — and we mean nothing — on this:

If you didn’t gotten violently ill reading and watching that, you’re made of stronger stuff than we are.

It certainly would appear that way. But, given that Stephen Kershnar’s book was published in 2015, and the footage Libs of Tik Tok posted from Thaddeus Russell’s podcast is from 2020, it’s all but impossible to believe that SUNY Fredonia had no idea what Kershnar was up to.

Well, that’s comforting. Just how well does SUNY Fredonia vet faculty? Seems like it makes more sense to vet them before hiring them as opposed to after, but what do we know?

Did anyone at SUNY Fredonia read Kershnar’s bio? There were some pretty big red flags in there:

Kershnar is definitely committed.

Apparently it’s a pretty lucrative schtick:

Imagine what else that $90K could be used for.

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