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School goes private after first-grade teacher tells kids that sometimes the doctor is wrong when he makes a guess as to baby's sex

We see that our own Sam Janney was working on a post about this earlier, but now it’s blown up and the school in question closed comments on and deleted the tweet, blocked @libsoftiktok, and took its Twitter account private.


What was the tweet that was deleted? Fortunately, Libs of Tik Tok has a copy, and it shows a transgender first-grade teacher telling kindergarteners through second-graders that when a baby is born, the doctor “makes a guess” at whether it’s a girl or boy, and sometimes the doctor gets it wrong. How did the school not think it was going to get ratio’d over this?

So now we have a Supreme Court justice who can’t say what a “woman” is, and medical doctors who are just “making guesses” on whether a newborn baby is a girl or a boy. Note that one of the Left’s complaints about the Parental Rights in Education bill was that no one was teaching this stuff in the elementary grades anyway (but they should be).



Yeah, it just so happens that one of his first graders asked him, “What’s your favorite part of your identity?” on Transgender Day of Visibility, which earned a video from President Joe Biden. “I talk to my students about what it means to be trans all the time.”



Seriously, show yourselves.

Because their sexuality is their “identity,” and they’re proud to share their identity. Their whole lives, apparently, revolve around their gender identity and they just have to share. It’s like people insisting you introduce yourself with your pronouns and your hairstyle.



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