Bill Gates seems like a pretty woke guy, despite the fact that he’s a billionaire, so we’re not really surprised to find wokeness at Microsoft.

We are, however, somewhat disturbed by what’s evidently going on over there:

Introducing oneself not just by ones preferred pronouns, but also by race, gender (we’d say “sex” but we’ve been reliably informed that there’s no such thing), and hairstyle? Is … is that a thing now? Did a memo go out to society that we somehow missed? Because if so, we’d like to continue to miss it, please.

Same, Luke. Same.

It’s not a sketch. It’s very, very real:

Good Lord.

At least now we know which pronouns and race and hairstyles to use when we talk about Natalia and Nic behind their backs.


Blind people are just as capable as sighted people of recognizing cringe and wokeness.

As they should be. Because it’s insane.

Maybe that’ll be in the next episode.