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Here's a journo linking the fascist 'Don't Say Gay' law to QAnon, religion, and 'patriarchal & anti-urbanist narratives'

As we reported earlier this week, Washington Post opinion columnist sent out the alert that right-wing sites were universally referring to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill as the “Anti-Groomer Bill.” He was triggered by a piece by Rod Dreher in The American Conservative and by the belief that the word groomer refers exclusively to gay adults who are trying to shape the sexuality of young children, so “groomer” is homophobic. Well, he wasn’t triggered by the piece so much as the headline, which was “Disney Goes Groomer.” Waldman also wasn’t retweeting Dreher but Roy Edroso, who retweeted Dreher’s piece with the comment, “Dreher goes QAnon.”


That’s not all we’ve heard about QAnon lately. Senator Josh Hawley grilling SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson about her lenient sentences for child pornography was a “QAnon-signaling smear.” And CNN’s Oliver Darcy wrote in the “Reliable Sources” newsletter that it was “difficult to ignore the QAnon effort at work” in demonizing Disney.

David Atkins (he/him) is a contributor to Washington Monthly and a “progressive reformist.” He posted a long thread about the backlash against Disney and like Darcy attributed it to QAnon’s influence over the conservative movement.

Did you even know you were being indoctrinated by QAnon? They’re slick that way.



But wait, there’s more.



Atkins says if you want proof, “just Google it.” Does he know conservatives or does he know conservatives? P.S. He’s also an elected DNC member from California.


Atkins knows more about QAnon than 99.9 percent of conservatives. Guess he Googled it. Damn, do Democrats really want to die on this hill.


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