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Ana Navarro posts examples of 'the look' given by women of color putting up with mansplaining

We saw a tweet go by on the first day of Judge Katanji Brown Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearings commenting on one of her eyebrows, which was apparently signaling “black girl energy” or something. But that’s the look a woman of color gives when asked by white men about her truck questions record of being lenient in sentencing child pornographers, about the definition of a woman, and if a 20-week-old fetus feels pain.


“The View” co-host Ana Navarro is a little late to the party, but she presented a collage of photos (including the fictional Claire Huxtable) of black women giving men “the look” while being subjected to mansplaining and microaggressions.

That top photo might have gotten cut off, but you get the point. But Navarro’s post raises some interesting points:

Oh, damn, that was a solid burn.




Hey! That’s no word to use to describe a “woman.”


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