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Here's 'pedophile' Sen. Josh Hawley and his 'QAnon-signaling smear' of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Sen. Josh Hawley got the ball rolling on this line of questioning a few days ago with his Twitter thread dealing with President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee giving consumers of child pornography sentences well below federal sentencing guidelines. He got the chance to ask Ketanji Brown Jackson about her sentences Tuesday during Senate confirmation hearings, which led to even more attacks against Hawley, who’s not wrong to be concerned … here’s Sen. Ted Cruz:


The Babylon Bee’s been suspended for calling Rachel Levine a man, but it’s OK for The Onion to call Hawley a pedophiile:

That’s some cutting-edge pro-child pornography humor right there:

White House Deputy Press Secretary calls Hawley’s line of questioning a “QAnon-signaling smear.”


But wait … once Hawley was finished embarrassing himself, Jackson was finally able to reply. But first, hear Hawley out:

Oh, so it was just “curiosity.”


Yes, in the old days it was much harder to obtain child porn, so sentencing guidelines need to be revised.

* * *


“Update.” Glad Democrats have found another issue to run on in the midterms.



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