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Bill Palmer claims all the Times has done is proved that Republicans hacked into Hunter Biden's laptop and planted some real emails

As evidenced by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s answer today, it’s obvious the White House hasn’t yet figured out how to spin the New York Times authenticating the emails found on that laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a computer repair shop. “He doesn’t work in the government” is the best Psaki could come up with, even though the White House has jumped through hoops so that Biden could sell his “art” for its own sake and not to buy influence with his father. And as President Joe Biden himself alluded to yesterday, everybody knows somebody who’s been the naked friend in a blackmail photo.


Bill Palmer of the Palmer report is downplaying the New York Times story by claiming that all the Times has done is prove that there’s been a bigger crime than we thought — and it was perpetrated by Republicans. You see, by authenticating the emails, the Times has proved that Republicans hacked into Biden’s laptop and planted them there, and many Republican operatives could go to prison for it. Sure.



We thought the laptop didn’t matter because Hunter Biden’s not in government, so why would Republican operatives go to the trouble of hacking into his emails and planting real ones among all of the fake ones?


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