Ahead of the presidential election in 2020, Jen Psaki was among those discounting a report about Hunter Biden’s laptop computer and its contents as “Russian disinfo,” and she used a Politico report citing “dozens of former intel officials” to do so:

Last September Psaki also referred to the story as “Russian disinformation”:

The New York Times (better late than never, we suppose) threw a wrench in the Dems’ “disinformation” narrative about Hunter Biden’s laptop today when they confirmed the story.

Psaki was given an opportunity to respond during today’s briefing, and she jumped at the opportunity. Just kidding — she couldn’t dodge the question and refer the reporter elsewhere fast enough:


Yeah, they’re no doubt still workshopping that and just hoping the rest of the media drops it and moves on in the meantime.

Katie Pavlich adds important reminders:

Yes, the Biden administration looked into Hunter Biden’s budding but lucrative art career and deemed it totally on the up-and-up. Satisfied?



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