Man, people in the Biden administration get touchy whenever anyone brings up the idea of increasing domestic energy output. They either tell you to buy an electric vehicle so you don’t have to worry about gas prices or, as Jen Psaki did Tuesday, bring up those 9,000 unused oil leases (leases, mind you, not drilling permits).

A reporter asked Psaki about Sen. Joe Manchin’s push for more domestic energy production and possible use of the Defense Production Act to complete the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Building a pipeline, Psaki reasoned, didn’t sound like “an immediate solve” to high gas prices, though, so why follow through? By the way, what is the Biden administration’s immediate solution to reduce gas prices?

No, no, the future is green energy. We’re in that “transition” period they keep talking about.

We thought all of those laid-off Keystone XL construction workers were going to get good-paying union jobs building solar panels.

What does this administration have against being energy independent?


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