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President Biden tells reporter he doesn't think Putin's a war criminal, comes back, and clarifies that he does

Here’s an odd moment from President Joe Biden today. He campaigned on having stood toe-to-toe with Vladimir Putin, but so far he’s been letting European leaders take the lead in the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. One reporter tracked Biden down and asked him if he thought Putin was a war criminal, to which he gave an emphatic “No.” After some time passed, Biden came back to the reporter and clarified that yes, he does think Putin is a war criminal. Did he just misunderstand the question or did something happen in between answers?


Noam Blum makes a solid point:


He’s had no problem ignoring the press before.

Good answer. Putin can be tried at The Hague for war crimes right after Tucker Carlson is.


This reminds us of companies like Disney spouting a bunch of crap about Florida while still doing business in China.

* * *


Russia Today reminds us that they get C-SPAN at the Kremlin too:


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