Remember Alexandra Chalupa? That’s OK. She’s not very memorable. Last time we wrote about her, it was when celebrity-lawyer-turned-celebrity-jailbird Michael Avenatti was representing her.

That was back in 2018, and we have to assume that she’s still bitter about how all that turned out. Who wouldn’t be? Not that she shouldn’t’ve known from the get-go that Michael Avenatti is pretty much the kiss of death and willingly associating with him is a good sign that you shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Recently, Alexandra decided to remind us that she shouldn’t be taken seriously with her very own piping-hot take on Fox News host Tucker Carlson:

Recall that last night, Keith Olbermann declared that Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard are Russian assets and should be detained by the military. Good on Chalupa for finding a way to up the ante. That takes talent!

Make sure the Coke is caffeine-free. Alexandra’s clearly plenty wound up already.

It’s easy if you try.

Maybe she should find a hobby that’s a little more her speed. How do you feel about making vision boards, Alexandra?

Maybe Alexandra should just make it easier on everyone and stuff it.


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