As Twitchy has reported, former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has been on the hot seat after spreading Russian propaganda about the existence of U.S.-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine. Sen. Mitt Romney said over the weekend that her remarks were treasonous. On Monday, Ana Navarro and her cohosts on “The View” argued that the Justice Department needs to go after Gabbard, and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on whose show she appeared, as foreign agents of Vladimir Putin.

Leave it to the perpetually unhinged Keith Olbermann to take the insanity to the next level. Olbermann tweeted that there’s a case for the military to detain Gabbard and Carlson until there can be a trial.

There is a war? Is the United States involved in this war?

The U.S. isn’t at war, and the First Amendment still applies. How are Gabbard and Carlson undermining the war effort without a war?


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