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New York Times editor notes that Republicans are pouncing on President Biden, who fell for their trap

As we reported in a post a week ago, the New York Times’ Blake Hounshell was wondering how the White House could get out of this jam: Republicans were criticizing him for not putting sanctions on Russian energy imports, but if he did impose sanctions, gas prices would go up and Republicans would criticize him for that. There was apparently no third option: increase domestic energy production.


Now that the sanctions have been imposed, Biden is saying that gas prices are out of his hands and he can’t do much now; “Russia’s responsible.”

Hounshell is back to note that Biden apparently fell for the Republicans’ “trap,” and now they’re pouncing on him.

We were reading in the mainstream media that Democrats were pushing for sanctions, putting them at odds with the White House. We’re not sure how Republicans forced the president to do anything.


Biden declared war on fossil fuels and domestic energy production during his debates with Donald Trump, when he said if elected he would transition from the oil industry.


There are a lot of Democrats in the replies calling Republicans hypocrites for criticizing Biden for high gas prices after calling for sanctions and they want the media to do better and call out these “attacks.”


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