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Rachel Vindman is honored that her unhinged tweet involving Rep. Elise Stefanik's baby 'is attracting crazies'

As Twitchy reported earlier, Trump Derangement Syndrome has deeply infected the entire Vindman family, not just Alexander Vindman. His wife, Rachel, tweeted Tuesday that Rep. Elise Stefanik has the blood of Ukrainians on her hands for voting to acquit President Trump in the Democrats’ second impeachment effort. Vindman even brought Stefanik’s baby into the argument, saying when she holds her baby she should think of all the mothers in Ukraine who will never see their children again.


It’s an endless cycle: blue-check tweets something stupid and then returns later to insult everyone who called her out. Vindman says she’s honored that her unhinged tweet brought out the crazies.

Who’s resorting to ad hominem attacks?




We’re guessing her argument is that because Trump was acquitted … Putin decided to invade Ukraine?


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