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School official confirms racially segregated playground night, says the effort is to unite, not divide

As Twitchy reported earlier, Centennial Elementary, part of the Denver Public School District, was advertising a racially segregated “families of color playground night.” (We wonder if Asian-American families were considered white or if it was for students of color, minus Asian.) Christopher Rufo did some digging and found that the event was organized by the school’s “dean of culture.”


Now Denver Public Schools media relations manager Scott Pribble has emerged to explain that efforts like racially segregated playground nights “are about uniting us, not dividing us.”

If that’s cut off, it reads, in part:

The school leaders at Centennial received a specific request from families to create a space of belonging. Centennial was responsive to their request. We support efforts like this as they provide connections, support and inspiration for families which share similar experiences and come from similar backgrounds.

So because two families are of the same race they share similar experiences and backgrounds? That seems kind of shallow.


“In addition [to The Equity Experience], many of our staff have participated in Creating Connections and a CRT and the Brain Study group through DPS.” As we keep saying, schools aren’t teaching kids critical race theory; they’re teaching critical race theory to the teachers and having them implement it.

Progressive whites might have.


She’s the “dean of culture” behind this mess.

That’s pretty much exactly the reason the Associated Press decided to capitalize Black but leave white lowercased — because blacks share similar experiences and backgrounds, while whites don’t … plus, it didn’t want to subtlely convey legitimacy to white supremacy by capping white.

Or a dean of culture to run the Equity Book Club.


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