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Joey Jones has some insight into the 'big lie' that progressives have bought into (but will they listen?)

As Twitchy reported both last night and today once it was clear that Glenn Youngkin was going to defeat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, progressives are convinced Youngkin’s a racist who attracted racist white suburban moms in hysterics over critical race theory, which isn’t even real. Kirsten Powers agreed with CNN’s Brianna Keilar “1000 percent” that “dog-whistle racism” contributed heavily to Glenn Youngkin’s victory. Exit polls showed voters were very concerned about “education,” which Joy Reid explained is code for “white parents don’t like the idea about teaching about race.”


Progressives obviously haven’t learned that calling voters — who turned out for Joe Biden in 2020 — racists isn’t winning them over on issues. Joey Jones has some truths that the Democrats should take to heart, but they won’t.

Notice how no one in the media is talking about Winsome Sears’ victory in Virginia — she may be a black woman, but she’s adjacent to “whiteness” as a conservative Republican. So as Wajahat Ali said, “Whiteness remains undefeated.”

Is it supposed to be defeated? Critical race theory would say so if it were real.



No one on the Left wants to acknowledge how many of those “angry” parents at school board meetings are people of color; the grift only works if you picture whites from the suburbs.


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