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After Tuesday's 'great wins,' Vice President Kamala Harris will leave it to the pundits to figure out what messages to send

We’ve heard plenty from the pundits about Tuesday night’s election results — a lot of it through angry tears — but a reporter asked Vice President Kamala Harris if she had any messages for the Democratic Party in the run-up to the midterms. She’s decided she’s going to leave that to the pundits and instead focused on the “great wins” the Democrats enjoyed. Did you know a Democrat won the New York City mayoral race? That was a tight one.


For the Democratic Party’s sake, it had better have a better analysis than the pundits could come up with, which was that Republicans’ sweep of Virginia was 1,000 percent due to dog-whistle racism.

Just a reminder that along with Harris, President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama all traveled to Virginia to join McAuliffe on stage.



The nice thing about being a Democrat is knowing almost all of the pundits are on your side, to which we can only say, take their advice and run with it.


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