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Accused Arlington school shooter released on bail the following day

As Twitchy reported Wednesday, an 18-year-old opened fire at Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas, injuring four. The suspect, Timothy George Simpkins, a student at the school fled the scene but turned himself in later in the day.


Tom Knighton reports for Twitchy sister-site Bearing Arms:

Of course, some on social media tried to blame the new constitutional carry law in Texas. What they miss is that this was still an 18-year-old carrying a firearm in a high school. No part of that is actually legal. Texas allows campus carry, sure, but on college campuses, not high school.

Further, 18 is too young to carry a firearm without a permit under Texas’ constitutional carry law. That limit is 21.

Then there’s the ethnicity of the shooter. Mass shootings are typically carried out by white men. This is a black 18-year-old male, which tripped up more than a few people who decided to make race a talking point before they knew the facts.

Now we’re learning that Simpkins has been released on $75,000 bond, just a day after the shooting.



Texas, what’s going on?



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